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I have Through The Gate: Season 1 almost complete and nearly ready for feedback from you, my dear reader.

So who wants to be on my ARC team?!? 

ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy. You get a free book, knowing that it is not quite "publish ready" and in exchange you give me honest feedback after reading it. I would love for you to help promote it by sharing about it, too!

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Adult Romance

Rachel has two adult romance stories available on Kindle Vella. Both of these are contemporary, fantasy romance with scenes of erotica. 

Parallel Worlds

Living in two parallel worlds Arichel is pretty content with her life. Her court is comprised of dear friends, her husband, and her lover. But then everything is upended when she’s challenged to a duel and suddenly children are threatened. The prophecy is confusing, but an unexpected ally may have the answer. 

Through the Gate

Born into a family of power, Joneya tried to avoid her destiny. Sir Ned called her back with four simple words, "I see you, Alder." The royal code name. The old bloodlines that transcended royalty to the true meaning of blood and power. Everything would change for her blended family, and the only one unconcerned is the 140 pound puppy, Sere. 

This adult fantasy crosses the thin veil between the world we know and the world of magic & power hidden just under the surface.

The Newest Kindle Vella series by Rachel

These are my two newest Vellas: 

The Inn-between at Burklyn is based off of locations and lore near my home, but the story is a sweet contemporary romance.

The Breaking of the World is a story that I first began as my thesis in college (Creative Writing focus). It is the beginning of an epic, cozy fantasy series. 

The Inn-between at Burklyn

Emma seems to be on a wild goose chase to close her parent's estate. Not looking for love, she never expected to be caught by such a handsome fellow as Liv. A quick thank you over a beer turns into so much more.

The Breaking of the World

A cozy, sometimes sarcastic fantasy, inspired by the great stories like The Belgariad and Wheel of Time. The wisdom of the ages and the silliness of Humanity must come together with the balance of Nature to save the world. Follow Ierrai and her "family" as they struggle to understand what may very well break the world forever.  

Brand new YA cozy fantasy series!


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