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Rachel has been raising animals, gardening, foraging, and preserving for her whole life. She uses her and her family's experience to help you succeed on your homesteading adventures whether you want to be completely selfsufficient or just enjoy the hobby.

In the Kindle store is How to Begin Homesteading: Start small, Succeed, Expand! This book helps you think of all sorts of requirements to choose your property from the location's emergency services and road care to the resources and water sources, to your short and long term goals. 

Through Kindle Vella, is How to Make Money on Your Homestead. Are you looking for new income streams on the property you already own? This completed series is packed with information to be self-sufficient, save money, and earn money! The first three episodes are free, the rest of the episodes are only pennies each to unlock.

Through Kindle Vella, is a series of Our Homestead Recipes. Some days , cooking a meal is the last thing you want to do. These tried and true recipes have fed our family of six for years. Each episode has 3-4 recipes within a theme (crock pot, casserole, etc.). Easy to make, easy to double and store, easy to eat. 

ARC Team needed!

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These three Homesteading short books are currently being edited (again) and then combined to create a set. 

I need ARC readers for this set. Please complete the form if you are interested in a free copy in exchange for your feedback. Bonus points if you will leave me a review when I release.

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Rachel Roy

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