Fairy House & Garden Crafts and Projects

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We would love to see your completed projects or the fun you have making them. Please send us photos!

DIY Projects or Craft Kits

These fun projects can be made at home with the directions provided here and easy to find supplies. Or, if you want an easier project, just order our kits for the instructions and the bulk of the supplies (you supply things like glue or paint). If you are looking for group projects please email us for a custom box. 

Yarn Basket

A cute walnut shell basket with tiny balls of yarn and real, wooden knitting needles.

Wicker Basket

This cute basket can be made from simple materials you have at home such as egg cartons or shampoo bottles, burlap, and cloth to create the cutest wicker looking basket.


This can be built two ways depending upon how permanent you want it to look. You might like a fire ring made with stones and a cheery campfire. Or you might want a more simple campfire, with just the fire and the wood.

Adirondak Chairs

These comfy chairs are found in many back yards, it's no wonder our fairies want to enjoy them too.

Sign Post

This sign post might send you to a Sparkling Brook and Green Meadow, or it might show the way to Neverland, it's entirely up to you.

Campfire and Firewood

It's more complete to have the cheery campfire and a pile of wood to go with it. Your industrious fairies don't just have a pile of sticks, but a full, organized woodpile next to their campfire.

Perfect for swaying off to dreamland, this hammock is a sweet little addition.

Who wouldn't want a lovely umbrella from giant flower petals?!

It's time to eat at this adorable picnic table.

Stay tuned for this crafty project.

Stay tuned for this crafty project.

Stay tuned for this crafty project.

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