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Rachel has two children's series on Kindle Vella. Growing Up As Fairies and The Summer House.  Rachel also has an updated version of Growing Up As Fairies in ebook and print format.

These stories have short chapters for a bedtime read aloud, or young reader. 

As a parent of four, and a Humanities teacher, Rachel has a knack for writing stories children enjoy. Filled with adventures, children of all ages enjoy these stories.

Growing Up As Fairies

Ever wonder how fairies really spend their days? Ever tame a dragonfly? Want to join a fairy picnic? Dive in for a close look at this group of friends as they grow up and discover their own special talents. Just like we experience happy and sad days, these fairies have fun adventures, sadness when friends move away, and a few unfortunate (but funny) events.

Each chapter is a complete story, but only a piece of the longer adventure. 

The Summer House

The Little People are excited to move out of the Big Human house for the summer and enjoy their summer cottage. Definitely not pets and not to be confused with fairies, these little people spend the summer foraging and finding treasures, while also preparing for a long winter staying hidden in the Big House. Mom, Dad, four kids, and a lot of friends enjoy living in their cottages just out of sight of the Big Humans. 

Join the adventure in this children's fantasy book as a family bedtime story!


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