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The inspiring children of GUAF

These four beautiful children were a little younger than this when I began writing GUAF for them. Also, the youngest here, becomes the oldest in the stories.


Abi is now a professional dog trainer at Canine Protection International.


This kiddo is actually the eldest. He was "stuck" listening to girly fairy stories many many nights at bedtime. So because of him, I wrote some more to have boys and girls star in the stories.


Sva is a middle child and absolutely does have the attention to detail to be a master crafter, but she truly loves her laughing adventures.


This is not a fully recent picture, but I do love how happy he looks here. Rayon is actually the baby of the family despite being the oldest in the stories.

Thick as thieves

These two have always been tight and have enjoyed many adventures together.

Rachel Roy

Writer, Teacher, & Homesteader

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