Growing Up As Fairies

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April is Rachel's birthday!


Who doesn't like giveaways?!

I'll be hosting give aways for all of April! Stay tuned for details on how to win!

Bonus Content - coming soon

Check out this page for bonus content, like the secret episode you receive for signing up for Rachel's newsletter.

Or, see pictures of Rachel's family who inspired characters like Loren, Abi, Sva,...

Find Us Traveling

May 13 2023 KidsCon NE in Concord, NH

June 23-25 2023 Bookstock in Woodstock, VT


Related Crafts - coming soon

Who doesn't like fairy crafts? You can create your own adventuring neighborhood for fairies with these instructions, or just order the kits. 

Book swag for sale - coming soon

There's plenty more than just the book for sale. We have notebooks, notecards, mugs, magnets, stickers, oh my!

Or, we also offer personalized postcards from all the characters mailed to you.  

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