Mom, wife, writer, homesteader...

Northeast Kingdom, Vermont, US

Rachel lives the next own over from where she lived growing up. With her family of four children and husband she lives on a hobby homestead. They raise chickens for eggs and meat, breed protection dogs, garden, forage, hunt, and craft. Rachel's husband is a millwright and she is a middle school Humanities teacher.

Rachel has been an avid reader her whole life, and written stories for almost as long. She reads a variety of genres, but tends to gravitate towards fantasy in one form or another. Likewise, she writes in variety of genres. 

 Through Kindle Vella Rachel has two children's stories, two homesteading nonfiction series, and two adult, contemporary fantasy steamy romances. She is in the process of moving Growing Up As Fairies into print and ebook format. Please reach out if you are interested in being on this Launch Team.

You can find links to Rachel's social media and public work here.

Rachel Roy

Writer, Teacher, & Homesteader

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